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When I was a senior in high school (a little over 3 years ago) Nathan and I built a huge snowman because it snowed so much. It was at least fourteen feet,

That is a big snowman!

We also built a cave out of the snow and this is one of my favorite pictures from that adventure,

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As I awoke at 7:30am with eager anticipation of the forecasted snow, I quickly ran to the window where the white wonderland awaited me. Soon friends were calling sharing our mutual discovery, school was postponed until noon. This announcement could only mean one thing… snowball fight.

UNC Charlotte by Snow

The proper allies were invited and off we ran to the Belk Tower on the campus of UNC Charlotte where the snowballing began. Our team of five consisted of a powerful roster. Jason Feltis for planning, Paul Haifley for rapid firing, Jason Loy for long range bombing, Marcus Hesse for sneak attacks, and myself for recon.

We claimed the center of campus for ourselves and removed the socialist structures of the opposition.

Paul decided to shoot some sexy shots with local statues,

Paul is a wild animal with those statues

We were able to brighten the days of some international students that had never seen snow before and we built a snowman while they took our pictures.

Gotta love the hat

Some other snowmen were hanging out too!

You might recognize this snowman from the video above

Marcus fell in love, Jason protested his decision

I like this picture because it has snow in it…

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After receiving my free Microsoft Power Together Campaign copy of Windows Vista Business last Tuesday I decided this weekend I should install it. So that I did. And it took three days.


I tried doing an upgrade… FAILED… apparently CD Drive emulation software is not well liked by the Vista installer… so after 3 reboots and several trips to the system registry the upgrade went through. Now the upgrade actually began. I went to sleep because it took so long and in the morning the installer said that the upgrade had failed and the old windows version had been reinstalled.


Seeing that the upgrade had failed, I decided to delete some crap and create a new partition where I could do a fresh install.
The fresh install worked great and I was so impressed with the operating system I decided to transition fully to Vista without worrying about my old user settings. So I transferred my app data folders over to the new applications installed in Vista. So now my Vista Firefox looked and had all the same extensions as my XP Firefox. But I soon realized that my 15GB partition wouldn’t hold all my apps, and the 45GB on my primary partition was being mainly wasted…


I couldn’t format my primary partition because it had all the boot files, so I installed Vista on it and then transferred all my data from the first Vista install on the secondary partition into the new Vista install on the primary partition. I then formatted the secondary partition and merged the two partitions to create my full drive once again.


Vista is a far superior OS to XP. It runs smoother on my 3 year old laptop than XP did, and my computer scored a 3.3 on the new computer rating thingy. Highly recommended… just don’t do an upgrade install, do a clean install and save a lot of time. It turns out when you do a “clean install” of Vista from within XP, Vista’s installer rolls the old XP install into a folder called Windows.old which includes all your old user files and everything. I wish I’d known that before I installed!

Is Vista an OSX ripoff? Yes. Is it a good OSX ripoff? Yes. My new desktop is very shiny so I’ll be blinded to Vista’s flaws for a few more days.

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So now that I’m fully into the Spring 2007 semester it is time to take a look at my schedule and make some predictions that I can laugh at later. Ah yes, my projected grades…

ECGR 3133: A
PHYS 3161: A
ECGR 3122: A
ECGR 3132: C
LBST 2212: A
ECGR 3156: B
ECGR 3123: A

My schedule is quite full…19 hours never looked so colorful

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