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Recently many of America’s allies have announced withdrawals from Iraq, however one country is removing all of its troops and that decision will have ramifications for years to come, Lithuania is removing all of its 53 troops from the country. That has to be like half of the national population right? Just kidding Lithuania. I really do want to visit you some day. I was just wondering if 53 troops made any difference.

To Lithuania’s credit, it is more troops than the Republic of Tongo sent

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Last week I kept noticing that I was continually running late for class even though my computer’s clock was directing me to believe otherwise. But then I decided to update the time on the computer with one of the servers that kept the official atomic clock time to see what was going on… and I lost about 15 minutes.

So I was looking at the clock again today and I decided to resynchronize it, below is a picture of the screen right after I hit the update now button,

I’ve lost 4 minutes since my sync on Monday, I thought Vista automatically synced the times every night? That is an average of about 45 seconds lost a day?! How weird is that. Microsoft needs to fix this soon! I never had this problem with XP.

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Remember back on Feb 11th, 2006 when Wake Forest’s Lawrence Joel Colosseum security stole my sign? The game was a national televised meet up between the underachieving Deacons and the abysmal 49ers. Rumors had it that Wake Forest’s head coach, Skip Prosser, was planning to leave Wake Forest to pursue the vacant job up at Cincinnati. The rumors were heating up right when Charlotte was scheduled to play them… prime time for the sign.

TA got us some amazing seats only about 10 rows up behind Wake Forest’s bench and we prepared to heckle the team, 49er style. But security immediately asked us to cover our painted chests with our shirts and then to sit down in our chairs. We refused and continued to cheer for the Niners.

Later in the game after Charlotte took the lead, I decided to roll out the sign. After one of the timeouts, Skip looked right at it. “Yes!”, I thought. About 10 minutes later, a security guy ran up to me and asked me where the sign was. I said it was behind my chair in a small crevasse. He then got down on his knees and hurriedly scooped it out. He told me I couldn’t have it, and I said, “You can’t take my sign”, to which he replied, “I just did”. He then ran off.

From that point on, the 49ers lead began to evaporate until they lost by 3 in the final seconds of the game. I blame it all on the security removing the sign which the team obviously had rallied behind. All that remains is this photo of it. It was the best sign I had ever made.

After Skip saw it, he probably wanted to get it framed. However, he didn’t take my advice, because now it is too late to skip for Cinci…

We had some amazing seats, all the WFU alums were very disapproving of that fact

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Am I just the first to notice how terrible the University of Rhode Island’s mascot is? It is a blatant ripoff of Ramses the Chapel Hill mascot, look at the visual comparison,

Rhody is probably the worst mascot ever

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What Did Ben Just Say?

Yes, I actually got video of Ben making a crazy promise that he now has to uphold.

Jordan was shocked to think of what Ben might have to do

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Football Publicity

It has been a long process, but UNC Charlotte has had over 8000 students vote now and I spent Monday night with a few guys putting up some banners, here are some pics of their locations,

At the Belk Tower of course…

Fretwell hall will expose the vote to the thousands of students that use it every day

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Zoraster is Here

I went by my office today and look what was on my whiteboard…

You’ll have to ask Jordan Van Dyne about this one…

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The UTimes Exposed

The University Times at UNC Charlotte is an inadequate student newspaper. They stated last semester that Football would never be reported on again… and in the last two weeks, football has made the front page twice!!

It is ok that they suck, but it becomes a problem when they start taking student fees away. Look at how many papers from last week were wasted! At 7 cents a copy, and 100 per bundle, that is tons of student fees being thrown out the window every week!

How can the UTimes dispute this?

There are at least 40 bundles, with 100 issues each. Each issue costs 7 cents to print. That means 40*100*.07 = $280 twice a week that is being wasted… what can $280 get you?

Hmm… where have I seen a graph like this before….

‘Nuff Said

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