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I was in Harris Teeter the other day and I was looking in the maple syrup section when I noticed that the HT was selling $12.99 in a small bottle that looked like it was bottled out in the backwoods by people that wore beaver pelts to keep warm. This stuff said it was “pure Vermont maple syrup” and it had better be for $13! Plus, the price of admission would only get you a few ounces of the sweet goodness, as the bottle was about a quarter of the size of the normal “Mrs. Butterworth’s”

I remember that when I went to Vermont about 5 or 6 years ago with
Tyler they had some amazing maple syrup. It tastes nothing like this
high fructose corn syrupy junk that is passed off as “maple syrup”.

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Part of being on the student government at a UNC system school means that you participate in UNCASG every so often.  UNCASG meets once a month and this month’s meeting was at UNC Charlotte, how could I miss it? UNCASG is commonly referred to as a “cluster@#$!” by observers and is usually a little bit more than crazy. But this month’s meeting may be the final straw as delegates from traditionally black universities stormed out of the meeting… then immediately afterwards App. St’s president moved to pass the controversial “sustainability act” which was half of the reason that people stormed out. Fortunately, I had decided to skip the final general assembly meeting after I had gotten done with the committee meetings and that’s when all this happened so I don’t have an eyewitness account.  You can read more about it in the Daily Tarheel. An EXCELLENT school newspaper, as opposed to the University Times which is published at UNC Charlotte. UTimes, you have a lot to learn.

16 campuses, one big mess

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I decided to open a can of beans to go along with my dinner and when I looked down at my hand about 30 seconds later… my right hand was covered in blood. I didn’t even feel like I’d been cut! It was crazy!

On top of it all, I was wearing some nice khaki pants that I couldn’t get blood on, and then my phone started to vibrate in my right hand pocket.

I was stuck with a dilemma. Reach in the pocket with my bloodied hand and ruin my pants, or reach around with my left hand and try to get my phone out. Well, obviously the reach around was the best idea.

At this point I realized how difficult it was to reach around with your other hand and fish out a phone from a small undersized pocket. Yikes! It was a battle.

Eventually I got a cloth to cover up my bloodied hand while I reached for the phone and I missed the call. Still though, its incredibly tough to do such an athletic maneuver when pressed by a ring tone.

I’d rather not explain how this picture got taken…

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