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I’ve been trying to call Jane in France all day! She just got a cell phone and she has been sending me text messages. But for some reason I can’t send her any messages. I’ve tried calling her using Skype. I’ve tried texting her using Skype. I got international dialing added to my cell phone, and that doesn’t work either.

The Alltel person I talked to said that there is a chance her French phone company doesn’t support calls from international source to come through. That is a possibility… She dosen’t have email or internet so I can’t contact her at all. I hope I figure the problem out soon!

Apparently France ranks 5th in calling internationally, while the US ranks 1st… our countries are probably used to this sort of thing

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At Harris teeter the other day I couldn’t help but notice an enticing drink I’ve never seen before. Orangina. The bottle says that it is a “Sparkling Citrus Beverage With Natural Pulp”. I was interested in trying it so I threw down the $1.19 admission price and prepared to crack open my Orangina… until I couldn’t open it.

Jordan, Carl, and I tried desperately for about 15 minutes as the Orangina resisted all our attempts to open it up. Eventually we gave up and I walked sadly to my apartment… when I remembered I had a pair of small wire cutters. I used the wire cutters to slice the small connectors which held the bottle cap on one by one. This precise procedure took at least another minute.

Finally, I broke the seal and sucked down my first gulp of Orangina. It was ok… I wasn’t too impressed. It definately lived up to its 12% Juice and 2% Pulp advertising on the bottle. Don’t buy an Orangina, just imagine to yourself what a drink with 12% Juice and 2% Pulp tastes like and you’ll have it.

This is one stubborn bottle

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