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I can’t remember where I saw this but…

An executive with Motel 6 was asked how much money they spend on researching new motel locations. He said, “None.” Asked how that was possible, he replied, “We just build near Holiday Inns. They’ve already done research.”

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Colbert weighs in on some important hollywood feuds,

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So, Jane is gone.

It isn’t easy for me to learn to live without her after we’ve been together for two years. Jane and I enjoyed all the same things, we shared music, we watched tv and movies together, we read together, and we cooked together. Basically, we spent a lot of time with each other.

Now I’m in a very different position. With Jane in France, without reliable internet access for 6 weeks, I may not even hear from her as much as once a week.

Fortunately, I have great friends and I will have a lot of fun with them this semester. After a few days I’ve finally been able to sleep without dreaming restlessly of Jane…waking up exhausted. This has been a hard process but we’ll both be stronger for it in the end. At least I’ll get to visit her over spring break!

I miss you Jane! Have fun in France!

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