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Bowling for a 99

It may be a feat that is rarely duplicated, but I bowled exactly a 99 and won $9 last week.

After the Charlotte 49ers dropped to 6-7 on the season with yet another blown double digit lead, I went with Andy and Rachel to go bowling at the Woodleaf Lanes. It was $9.99 to bowl from 9 to midnight and that included shoes! What a deal… but there was an added perk. If you could bowl a perfect 99 after the end of the game, then you won 9 dollars. But the alley made it tough, you couldn’t have more than two gutters in a frame and nine pins counted as a strike.

About my 3rd game trying to get 99, I had 89 heading into the 10th frame and on my first bowl I knocked down 8… saving me from the strike. Then on my second bowl I picked up the spare, giving me 99 exactly. On my last bowl I guttered it and won $9.

When I informed the bowling alley attendant he replied, “You musta cheated” and then handed me my nine. I decided to invest my winnings in milkshakes at Cook Out. The End.

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I think I was successful at bowling a 99 because I’m so bad I can’t break 100 anyways…

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Now that school has started back and Christmas break is over, I decided to take a look at my odometer in my car… it actually went so far over 999 that it reset back to 0 again! Now it reads like 233 something which means that I’ve driven over 1500 miles during my Christmas break! Yikes! Plus according to my Wesabe, I’ve spent more on gas in the first week of January than I did during all of October and November!

  • I drove round trip to Raleigh from Charlotte and that is about 310 miles
  • Then I reset my counter on my odometer…
  • Then I drove over 999 miles and my odometer reset on its own…
  • Now it reads 233.2 miles
  • That is a total of 1542 miles

I don’t really even feel like I drove that much, I must have racked it all up by going back and forth between Charlotte, Kernersville, Greensboro and Salisbury

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The Arcade Fire has finally released information about their upcoming album, Neon Bible, due out March 5th and 6th for most of the entire world.

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