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The Black in Black Friday

The age old question still remains, “What can a Black Man Get on Black Friday?”. Thanks to Charlotte radio we can finally ask that question and receive the answer,

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Scouting Georgia State vs Charlotte

How does Charlotte matchup vs Georgia State? Here are 3 key areas where Charlotte should focus to gain an edge,

Speed of Game: Georgia State runs slightly a slightly slower tempo than Charlotte, expect Charlotte to attempt to outrun Georgia State

3-Pt Shooting Trends: Georgia State does not like to shoot the 3, yet Charlotte has terrible perimiter D through 3 games. However, Georgia State is highly efficient from 3pt range, connecting almost 41% of the time. This seems to indicate that Georgia State only shoots from behind the arc when they have a good shot. Basically put, if the Niners don’t improve around the perimiter, Georgia State will be able to torch the Niners from outside. On the flip side, Georgia State usually allows their opponents a few decent looks from three range and Charlotte needs to take advantage of them.

Fouls: Georgia State is very good at getting to the foul line, and Charlotte is bad at allowing its opponents to get there. Expect Ga. State to get about 10-15 of their points from FTs

Charlotte should have the edge because Georgia State has picked up its only two wins against Winston Salem State and Alabama State. It’s two losses came to College of Charleston and Georgia Tech (which scored 103 points on GaSt)

If Charlotte can take advantage of its open looks from 3 and limit the Panthers’ trips to the foul line, it could be the 49ers 1st decisive victory of the season.

Biased Prediction

Charlotte 92
Georgia State 74

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Now its time for my favorite thing to do every year, break down the team using the wonderful statistics provided by Ken Pomeroy,

looking @ Charlotte’s scouting report here is what the stats have to say,


The good
We rank 40th in the nation in Turnover %, only turning the ball over 18% of the time

We rank 39th in the nation in Free Throw Rate, getting to the FT line 35.2% of every FG shot

We rank 32nd in the nation in Steal %, only getting the ball stolen 6.6% of the time

The Bad
We rank 11th in the nation at 3pt attempted per total field goals attempted, 50.3% of our shots are 3’s (this is up significantly from previous years) and this is not in itself a bad things but…

We rank 240th in 3-pt FG% hitting only 30% of our 3pters

We rank 322nd out of 336 teams in Assists per Field Goals Made, if I was an opposing coach there is almost a 60% chance that the guy with the ball is going to take the shot, this is indicitative of the fact that we do not seem to run many set plays

We rank 283rd in Block % (i.e. we get almost 13% of our shots blocked)

Our effective FG% is 46.1% ranking 237th in the nation, basically we need to shoot better

Our offensive rebound % is ranked 309th in the nation, meaning we get hardly any 2nd chance shots


The Good

We rank 5th in the nation in Defensive rebounds!! wow…

The Bad

Almost every key category in the defensive stats are ranked 250th and below,

Opponents FG% – 309th – 58.1%
Opponents FT Rate – 310th – 53.8% (our opponents get to the FT line on 53.8% of their shots!!)
Opponents 3pt % – 295th – 42%
Opponents 2pt % – 53.2%

But here is the most shocking stat, our perimeter D is SO bad our opponents acutally attempt more 3pters than us, our opponents take the 3 on 50.6% of their offensive possesions!!


This team has a lot of work to do, especially in almost every defensive category. We are shooting the ball very poorly and are not running plays very well. Yet somehow we played Syracuse very well and even seemed poised to win that game at times. This team will find success, naturally if every category improves… and Lutz’s teams do get better throughout the year…. but the more realistic outlook seems to be that the Niners either need to shoot significantly better (and thus outscore their opponents) or keep the same shooting level and lock down defensively. On the offensive end specifically, unless we are hitting our threes we need to stop taking them and focus on more movement through the lane. On the defensive end we need to keep our opponents from getting to the line so much and force them inside the arc by playing perimiter defense.

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Digg Users Love Marijuana

I couldn’t help but think that Marijuana is highly popular among Digg users after scrolling through the site and seeing these two stories right next to each other on the front page,


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An Article About Me

I really don’t want this blog to turn into a self-righteous spew of my own thoughts and… wait a minute, of course that is what I want! It’s a blog called “Inside My Mind”, therefore I’ll be covering whatever is on my mind at the moment. And right now (as in this moment) I was fortunate enough to read Michael Parks’ latest article from NinerOnline, specifically because it was a write up on myself.

Here is a large portion of the article,  please be sure to visit the site to see the article in it’s entirety

 When Justin Ritchie steps in front of Student Senate every Thursday, the smile on his face is clear from all corners of the room. That could be because he remembers what Senate once looked like.

Representing the College of Engineering, Ritchie was a member of the Student Government Association when Senate only had 12 members; a time when senators didn’t show up, few bills could be passed, and the student body didn’t know who or what Senate even was.

Things are different now, partly because of the work put in by President Pro Tempore Ritchie.

“I could go on for too long about Justin Ritchie,” Jacob Owen, SGA Cheif of Staff, said. “He has earned the respect of every member of SGA and is a huge advocate for school spirit. I give lots of credit to him for the accomplishments of Senate.”

With this year nearly halfway completed, Ritchie still has plenty of time to work toward football and whatever other issue he can for UNCC. Being a junior, Ritchie has another possible year he could dedicate to his constituents. After that, the Pro Temp hopes to work in the CIA or FBI, coupled with teaching at a university before finishing up with some time in government.

Ritchie hopes to see more communication and involvement out of students, and has a word for his constituents.

“I hope that you see the potential in every student here at UNC Charlotte, and the potential in the University and the Charlotte region. Take pride in your school because it will soon be the largest and strongest in the state.”

Ritchie can be reached at sgachair@email.uncc.edu. Senate meetings are held every Thursday at 5 pm in Cone University Center room 210.

Thanks for a great article Mike, it definately gets a big thumbs up from me!

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I’ve been really busy lately, but starting today I should be able to get back into blogging. The SGA football poll has been keeping me busy along with other Student Government intiatives like Campus Safety and other stuff. I’ve also had some tests and projects to do… add to that my anniversary with Jane and a significant number of sporting events (Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basktball, and the 2 Panthers games) in the space of 6 days and I think you begin to understand why I’ve been away from the blogging world.

 Here’s to thanksgiving and the time away from studying it provides!

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Day 5 of Not Shaving

Today marked a pivotal day because I had to shave off my mustache due to the fact that it was really ugly. Glad this facial hair thing will be over soon.

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