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Today was full of surprises.

I started the day so hungry I decided to cook bacon and eggs… as I poured some water on the pan I had used to cook everything in, a huge wad of smoke billowed into the fire alarm drawing the surprise of my (fortunately already awake) roommates.

I then hurried off to class where I was told that everyone was doing terribly and we’d be learning how to manipulate signals and systems at the rate equivalent to a 3 legged tortoise. Ah yes, 11:00… a good amount of free time to get stuff done in the office and oh… wait.. Ben just called telling me there was an emergency meeting because of serious problems with the campus-wide exam schedule. The meeting started @ 11 and we got out @ 3:15, just in time for my 3:30 class.

After my 3:30 class I stumbled back to my apartment, arriving about 5. I had a terrible headache but I had to get my lab report done anyways, so after I did it, I brought some hamburger helper over to Jane’s and then I fell asleep on her couch. She gave me some Tylenol and placed a blanket over me.

I woke up @ 7:15, she had made the hamburger helper and we had to scarf it down because the flute choir performed @ 8 and they don’t let in people after the start. We were a few mins late and the ushers let us in during a short break between pieces.

When I arrived back in my apartment about 10, Jordan Van Dyne told me that UNC Charlotte’s police chief who we’ve been working with apparently posed for Playboy back in 1981 and now its a big scandal and stuff… oy vey!

I can’t wait to see what tomorrow has to offer, maybe I’ll get a chance to post up my recap of thanksgiving sometime too?

A clown on steroids might look like this… he sure is full of surprises!

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