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Digg Users Love Marijuana

I couldn’t help but think that Marijuana is highly popular among Digg users after scrolling through the site and seeing these two stories right next to each other on the front page,


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An Article About Me

I really don’t want this blog to turn into a self-righteous spew of my own thoughts and… wait a minute, of course that is what I want! It’s a blog called “Inside My Mind”, therefore I’ll be covering whatever is on my mind at the moment. And right now (as in this moment) I was fortunate enough to read Michael Parks’ latest article from NinerOnline, specifically because it was a write up on myself.

Here is a large portion of the article,  please be sure to visit the site to see the article in it’s entirety

 When Justin Ritchie steps in front of Student Senate every Thursday, the smile on his face is clear from all corners of the room. That could be because he remembers what Senate once looked like.

Representing the College of Engineering, Ritchie was a member of the Student Government Association when Senate only had 12 members; a time when senators didn’t show up, few bills could be passed, and the student body didn’t know who or what Senate even was.

Things are different now, partly because of the work put in by President Pro Tempore Ritchie.

“I could go on for too long about Justin Ritchie,” Jacob Owen, SGA Cheif of Staff, said. “He has earned the respect of every member of SGA and is a huge advocate for school spirit. I give lots of credit to him for the accomplishments of Senate.”

With this year nearly halfway completed, Ritchie still has plenty of time to work toward football and whatever other issue he can for UNCC. Being a junior, Ritchie has another possible year he could dedicate to his constituents. After that, the Pro Temp hopes to work in the CIA or FBI, coupled with teaching at a university before finishing up with some time in government.

Ritchie hopes to see more communication and involvement out of students, and has a word for his constituents.

“I hope that you see the potential in every student here at UNC Charlotte, and the potential in the University and the Charlotte region. Take pride in your school because it will soon be the largest and strongest in the state.”

Ritchie can be reached at sgachair@email.uncc.edu. Senate meetings are held every Thursday at 5 pm in Cone University Center room 210.

Thanks for a great article Mike, it definately gets a big thumbs up from me!

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I’ve been really busy lately, but starting today I should be able to get back into blogging. The SGA football poll has been keeping me busy along with other Student Government intiatives like Campus Safety and other stuff. I’ve also had some tests and projects to do… add to that my anniversary with Jane and a significant number of sporting events (Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basktball, and the 2 Panthers games) in the space of 6 days and I think you begin to understand why I’ve been away from the blogging world.

 Here’s to thanksgiving and the time away from studying it provides!

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