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The bet continues, and so does my facial hair growth,

Day 3: I think I need to sleep… I might just do that

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These last few days have been a little crazy, all the media attention and emails and phone calls. It’s crazy stuff. But let me begin at the beginning… or actually… ah heck, just watch the video,

Hey! Football!

And then there was this in the Charlotte Observer,

Should UNC Charlotte consider getting a football team?

Starting at 8 a.m. Monday, you’ll get a chance to give your view on the topic.

The UNCC Student Senate passed a resolution on Thursday to conduct
an informal poll that asks: “Should the student body vote in an
official football poll?”

The poll will be on the Student Government Association’s Web site, http://sga.uncc.edu. It’ll be up through the end of the semester or until there are 5,000 votes cast.

If there is enough interest, the school may then hold an official
poll through the school’s 49er Vote system where students would answer
more questions about football, including how much they’d be willing to
pay in student fees for a team.

The football resolution is available at http://sga.uncc.edu/senate/agenda/110906

And then there was this,

That’s me at the podium in the first 5 seconds of the video…

And News 14 had a special on it, but I didn’t get to see that or record it.

Now let me start at the start. When Ben Comstock got elected as Student Body President last year, we both said, it was time to quit shushing the f word under the rug and that we needed to bring it out in the open. Last year I spent a long time working on the SGA website  getting it ready for something like this. I designed the entire interface using Mark Shropshire’s Drupal help. And then over the summer on my Senate platform my top goal was polling the student body on football. About 2 weeks into the school year, Ben and I sat down and we formulated our plan. An initial poll, after the SGA website was accurate, and then if the initial poll went well, a full student vote in the spring. And wow… all the media attention and newspaper coverage and people coming up to me talking about it, its really crazy. I’m excited about the future of this initiative and I’m glad I’ve got great people around me to help me out. Jane for emotional support, Ben and Jordan for professional support, the Senate Public Relations committee and everyone else that worked for 3 hours today on publicity materials, Brian and Whitney for learning to maintain and use the website, all my friends and everyone else really, lets get out there and make the poll a success!

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