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Sufjan has released a video based off of a song from his upcoming Christmas album. I’m a big Sufjan fan… not so much a big fan of Christmas. Both me and the holiday have our conflicting views on consumerism.

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I’ve gotta hand it to former UNC Charlotte Chancellor, Dr. Woodward. He said that he would pay half a passpot cost, and heck, he actually did. The full story can be found in a previous post, but the check and a note arrived today! Thanks Dr. Woodward, I greatly appreciate it.

Thank you Dr. Woodward!

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Jane has decided she wants to see me with a beard. Add to that the fact that I missed shaving yesterday… and she has decided that I should not shave until next Tuesday night. She has even bet me that I won’t be able to do it. If I lose, I have to take her for a night on the town. And by losing we mean shaving before the time is up. If I win (i.e. not shaving) she is willing to buy me some stuff. The longest I’ve ever gone without shaving is 2 days. I really don’t like facial hair. This will be very difficult. I will post a new picture of my face every night about 8pm.

Day 1: I’m starting to look like a stoned and drunk hobo already!

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