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It all began when I announced my intentions to my parents to obtain a passport and travel overseas. They thought that whether I was planning to travel abroad or not, I should have a passport anyways. So they decided to pay half of the cost, about $50, for my passport. But you ask yourself, that’s only half of a passport cost, and I’m claiming I got one for free? How did I get the other $50?

That’s where the story is. Right about the time I decided to get a passport, I went to a seminar on engineering management where former UNC Charlotte Chancellor, Dr. Jim Woodward was speaking. He was talking about how everyone needs to learn to embrace the global economy. At the end of his speech, he said that he wanted to encourage us all  to get our passports. Immediately my ears perked up… and then… he said that he would be willing to pay half of the cost of a passport for the first 5 people to send him proof that they had actually gotten a passport.

I knew that this was my opportunity to get my passport for free. But, I couldn’t get a passport for 2 more weeks because my schedule was full. The way that the other people were stirring (about 80 other people) I knew I wouldn’t have a shot at actually getting a passport before they did. Everyone was very excited about the prospect of getting $50.

Finally, last Friday I went to the passport application office where I had to wait 2 hours for a 15 minute session where I had my picture taken and such. I scanned the reciepts and such to send to the email Dr. Woodward told us to contact him at. And… amazingly he contacted me back and told me to send him my contact info because he’d be sending me a check for $50! Woo Hoo! Thanks Dr. Woodward. That’s awesome.  Now hopefully I can travel to France in March to visit Jane whilst she is over there. I guess the moral of the story is that you can talk about giving away money and a bunch of people will get really excited about it, but if those people actually have to do anything to get the money then they won’t get the money. In summary, people are lazy and they want free money.

It was in the building on the right that I got the missing piece to my passport puzzle

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The mental_floss blog is reporting that the Kazakhstan central bank has taken liberties with their spelling of the word bank on its most recently printed monies. The worst part is that the country plans to use the money before they slowly phase it out over a few months… oy! Did Sacha Baron Cohen pay them to do this?

All things considered, I frequently misspell avaliable so I can sympathize a little


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