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Everyone who has seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the more recent relese, Science of Sleep knows the amazing visual atmosphere that Michel Gondry is able to command.  There is no better example of this visual style than the Bjork and Gondry collaboration, Bjork’s Bachelorette.

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Fantasy football has quickly become a weekend pasttime in American culture… Eli Manning just ran in a TD himself instead of throwing it to Amani Toomer whom you decided to start over Donald Driver which scored 3TDs vs Houston?

Yeah, sometimes life is full of tough descisions like that. But now, the concept of drafting people to perform actions that gain you points has been carried over to the legislative branch of our nations government.

Say hello to Fantasy Congress, the new interactive legislation game where you get points if your representative or senator gets legislation passed! Yeah! Now instead of watching NFL Football on FOX and CBS, then watching ESPN1 and ESPN2r for fantasy updates, you can watch FOX News and CBS Evening News for the highlights and CSPAN1 and CSPAN 2 will provide you with all the congressional action you can handle. Mark Foley was listed as one of this sessions top prospects in the preseason, but now when I try to trade Foley for Dennis Hastert or Orrin Hatch I keep getting rejected.

Ted Stevens just got S.1275 into public law! Yeah! Now I’ve beaten the Uptown Uulaters by 15 points!

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Wow! 20,000 visitors! When I thought that I would start posting random things on one of these blog things I never thought 20,000 people would read it… ever. Especially 741 people in one day about a month ago. Perhaps its all because of Facebook importing all my notes and my loyal friends reading my insane ramblings.  Perhaps its because the world loves to read about my life….

Ok… i’ll take a guess that its my friends and now the world but you never know right?

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It might just be the worst job ever, other than the presidency of the US of course…

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Government Work

I’m beginning to think that this whole government work thing might be for me. One of my least favorite things about working in my engineering internship this summer was that everything I did was extremely costly, in the sense that one of my primary concerns was money. I’m not a big fan of money really. I don’t like it and I don’t like having to deal with it. I’m usually content as long as I have food and enough extra money left over for gas, some occasional clothes, a few gadgets once or twice a year , and money to take a girl out on the town occasionally.

My interview with the FBI on Friday really got me thinking about what I want to do after college, in the sense that I only have about a year and a half until I’m done. That is really crazy to think about. I’m also worried about being pigeonholed into a cubicle for 30+ years and drawing little circuit diagrams and such. I like learning about science and technology. I like working on projects that help the people around me. I don’t know about this whole law enforcement thing though. Am I really cut out for being a special agent in the FBI? I feel like I would enjoy it.

I would be right under the judicial branch in the FBI

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I’ve posted many automated phone tools before, especially those that are centered around getting you out of social encounters, but James posted on my blog a few days ago that he uses a site called Mobile Alibi. Mobile Alibi allows you to enter your number, choose the time that the number will be called, select what number the caller ID will pick up, and then decide if you want a male or female voice reading out your excuse. Great for those dinners with your girlfriend’s friends where negative aspects of your relationship are discussed at length in a manner which prohibits you from defending yourself, or even commenting on the stories…. haha just kidding Jane. This phone tool should not be used to schedule calls to numbers which do not belong to you, but it will be used to prank others nonetheless.


Best thing of all, it is entirely free of charge

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