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Preacher Gary is the good old guy that comes around to UNC Charlotte’s campus every so often and shares all the different ways in which homosexuals will be smitten by the lord. On this particular day, Preacher Gary talks about how Chapel Hill hates christians probably more than he hates gays… or something like that,

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Just yesterday I realized my new black pants were lint inclined as I removed them from the dryer and they were covered in lint. Having to meet president of the UNC school system, Erskine Bowles in less than an hour and without a lint roller, I had to act fast. Immediately my eyes set on my Duct Tape roll. I took the top layer of the tape and rolled it back around the duct tape roll to form a sticky roller which made lint pick up quick and easy. Here are the quick and easy steps:

Step 1: Get some duct tape

Step 2: Pull some tape loose and stick the loose tape on your thumb

Step 3: Pull out some tape, the goal is to get enough tape to wrap around the entire roll

Step 4: Put the tape long enough to wrap around the entire roll and feel good about yourself

Step 5: Attach the tape to itself creating an entire roll of stickiness which can be rolled on the lint filled garment

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After my inital reactions to Quixtar’s inevitable grasp on my life, I’ve been doing some research on the topic and I’ve run into a great information resource on the topic, The Quixtar Business Analysis is an elaborate site which explains in great detail how Quixtar is bad and good. Most notably the site proclaims,

Quixtar releases very few income statistics about the business.  
Rightly so, since it would be embarrassing for Quixtar to publish the facts that
contradict the popular income myths and exaggerations
circulating in the various lines of sponsorship.  What little Quixtar does publish is
that the average distributor earning a bonus made $78/month, before
.  Even if the typical active Quixtar distributor spent just 10
hours per week working his business,  he would earn just $1.90/hour for his effort
before expenses are included, or $0,95/hour for couples.   The typical system
related expenses can range from $175 – $250/month and this does not include product
purchases.  More over, most distributors will not even earn enough from Quixtarlosing money in the

Because the Quixtar prices are so high, it is difficult to get retail
customers, so distributors end up buying most of the products.  It is their duty as a
Quixtar business owner.  Quixtar’s 66% first year drop out rate and IBOs low average
personal consumption only proves that the typical family cannot find much value shopping
at Quixtar even with the “wholesale” prices. 

I like to call the Amway / Quixtar business “Americas most
respected fraudulent marketing scheme”
.  This is because the vast majority
of people see Amway as an American free enterprise success story, but few people know
about the scheme’s dark secrets.  The vast majority of the public, politicians,
Amway/Quixtar’s suppliers and Partner Stores, have no idea of the  20 year systematic
fraud and collusion between the Amway Corporation and the king pin distributors of the
IBOA.  This has resulted in hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in
losses from innocent, hardworking people from their “free enterprise” business
opportunity based upon false information, exaggerations, lies and popular myths.

“Recruits are brainwashed into spending a
fortune on peripherals while consuming Amway products. They either lose their shirts or
begin making money by getting enough people underneath to do the same.”

Don Gregory speechwriter for Co-founder Jay Van Andel Forbes
March 25, 1985

pay their mileage deductions for their cars.  No doubt the vast majority of
distributors are

These are very intense claims and the site is full of well reasearched information. As well as some funny videos,

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