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Civil Engineering has girls, Mechanical Engineering has even more girls… why is it that Electrical Engineering still has almost no girls? This idea was expressed most eloquently by a few classmates as I was working on my project in the design lab today, I will reproduce their verbal exchange for you:

[begin conversation]

Farting Person: (loud noise echoing across the lab from expelled flatulence)

Farting Person: “I had to get that one out before I headed to class, there are girls in there”

Other Person: “There are two girls in a class of 40, I don’t think it matters”

Farting Person: “Oh… yeah”

[end conversation]

At that point my lab partner and I laughed hysterically until we realized that we’d better continue working on our project.

It is important to note that females frown on audible flatulence in general

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College life. Many people attribute the entirety of college life to beer fueled parties and references to gentials. In reality, all the gential references exist because of massive inflatible male anatomies conveiently placed on college campuses.

Imagine my suprise when I got a call from Jane today saying, “There really is a massive inflatible penis out at the tower today.” I was still in disbelief, and I decided that as soon as my meetings were over I’d go and take a look at it. Jordan and Matt Lawing came with me to look at the massive man parts. As we arrived we were greeted by someone from XXXchurch.com, a church that helps to rehabilitate people from porn and the group responsible for the display. Their catch line was “Do you have the balls to stop looking @ porn.” and were offering a free viewing of a documentary, “Missionary Positions”. Clearly they were targeting college students by the shock value of their highly visible big boner.

The funniest part was that is was also Greek Carnival Day, and all the fraternities and sororities were out having events and games and such. What great publicity for them that anyone who walked by would be drawn in by the giant johnson. I first visited the Delta Zeta group where I was greeted by Meg Sturgeon, the la presidenta of the on-campus accapella group (she really is awesome by the way). I then moved on to see how someone could sit in a dunking booth when it was a little below 50 degrees and breezy. If anyone out there had balls it was that guy.

Yeah, I’m not gonna compete with Wally

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