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As it currently seems, I’m already getting prepared for having a real job someday.

I decided to clear out my sent items a few days ago, and between my two email accounts I’m averaging 15.64444 emails per day over the last 90 days! Wow… that’s insane. Do other people send out this many emails? I’d be willing to bet that most people acutally send out more emails than this in any given day. Actually, I’m sure that most people would average much higher numbers putting my measly 15.64444 to shame… although over 90 days that does include weekends. Weekends where I usually don’t send out as many emails. If I don’t include weekends, it comes out to  21.897 emails per day!

 Maybe we’d all be a lot happier if we talked face to face instead of through email. However, most of my emails seem to be about setting up face to face meetings anyways. It appears my idealism about personal interaction is faulty at best. I clearly have a lot to look forward to as I grow older, eventually entering the real world of organizational structures and such.

I’m already preparing to become a parent…

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