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I’ve posted many automated phone tools before, especially those that are centered around getting you out of social encounters, but James posted on my blog a few days ago that he uses a site called Mobile Alibi. Mobile Alibi allows you to enter your number, choose the time that the number will be called, select what number the caller ID will pick up, and then decide if you want a male or female voice reading out your excuse. Great for those dinners with your girlfriend’s friends where negative aspects of your relationship are discussed at length in a manner which prohibits you from defending yourself, or even commenting on the stories…. haha just kidding Jane. This phone tool should not be used to schedule calls to numbers which do not belong to you, but it will be used to prank others nonetheless.


Best thing of all, it is entirely free of charge

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The Panthers might have been able to win five in a row. A room full of 20 year old males hung on every frame from the HDTV set as Jake Delhomme reared back his arm to throw the touchdown…. that would never be. Jake’s pass was caught by Cincinatti’s own, Kevin Kaesviharn, and the game was over with a little under four minutes to go. But did that interception really end the game?

I care to argue that this interception was inevitable, and that the fourth down pass by Carson Palmer which eventually saw the Bengals into the endzone… for the lead… was the play that ended the game. On that play, the Panthers had stopped the Benglas short once again and were about to see the Bengals punt and pin the Panthers deep in their own endzone. But Marvin Lewis’ coaching staff saw the situation differently. A play was called on fourth and short, that instead of the predictable QB sneak, resulted in a 33 yard reception by Chad Johnson who was stopped at the Carolina two yard line. Who was on coverage that play? Which Panther allowed Mr. Johnson to make that play? Chris Gamble was on Chad Johnson. And Chris Gamble then became directly responsible for his second out of three Carolina losses this season… roughly 66.6% for the non-fraction people.

Jake Delhomme tried, and Keyshawn was oddly quiet as the Panthers lost 17-14

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