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Jane and Marcus and myself were leaving Basketball Madness (commonly referred to as Midnight Madness at some other campuses and such, basically its the first public basketball practice of the year) and we were facing large hordes of traffic. 

Coming down the hill from Halton Arena on the campus of UNC Charlotte, Jane decided to allow a car that was turning left at a road perpendicular to us (basically a car that didn’t have the right of way) go ahead of us. Marcus and I thought this was a bad decision on Jane’s part because we had to wait for about a minute or so for traffic to clear up in the opposing lane before this car could turn left. But finally traffic cleared up, and as the car turned left… I noticed the driver of the car, and it was Bobby Lutz, Men’s Basketball Coach @ Charlotte.

 He waved at us and gave us a thumbs up and drove off. Jane was very excited because she had let him go and Marcus and I realized that courtesy whilst driving is often the best policy, even when it dosen’t involve Men’s Basketball Coaches. So Bobby Lutz, all we ask for in exchange for our politness is a win during the home opener vs Hofstra on Nov. 11th. But judging from the depth and skill level of the team, that may not be such a hard thing to achieve. 

But overall, Basketball Madness was awesome. It is always great to see so many students (at least 3-4 thousand) out for not even a game, but a scrimmage! Amazing. This school is full of spirit and I believe Charlotte gets lambasted by our students for being so “un-spirited” because we don’t have any major sports until October. Football is an important part of the college tradition, even if it is just Division 1AA. Tonight’s turnout of students really was amazing, and it made me realize what I’d been missing in the college environment over the past few months. Charlotte is fortunate though, what if you went to a school with no real tradition in football or basketball? I imagine I wouldn’t have as much fun.  

Coach Lutz, you’re welcome! Traffic courtesy is just second nature to Jane

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