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The Charlotte 49er football movement gained even more press when Fox Charlotte ran a segment on football at UNC Charlotte. The FOX Charlotte crew made some obvious comments like, “Students would have fun at the games, with tailgating and stuff.” or “Why dosen’t a metropolitan area as large as Charlotte have big time  Div 1A collegiate football?”

The honest answer is that UNC Charlotte is only 60 years old (as of this year) and is still growing. We’ve had to spend all our money on things other than football, like academics because the NC state legislature dosen’t support us as much as some of the other schools in the state. Other schools that despite large alumni bases which provide tremendous endowments get more state money that Charlotte does… arrgh…

I think a lot of this funding discrepancy is because these other schools are very large like 26,000 students… where as Charlotte only has 22,000 students… we are much smaller as you can see.

But really, it might be because of the old East v West, Raleigh v Charlotte, etc… that dates back to the revolutionary period. Whatever the case, Charlotte dosen’t have football. Watch these two videos for the low down from FOX Charlotte,

Part 1

Part 2

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