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The Panthers picked up their 4th win in a row, knocking off the Ravens in Baltimore, 23-21. The Ravens defense was blown WIDE open with Jake Delhomme having his best game ever (passing yards wise) throwing for over 365 yards. The game changed dramatically when Steve McNair was taken out of the game with a concussion, who was later sent to a local hospital… similar to when the Panthers ended Tampa Bay’s Chris Simms’ season after rupturing his spleen in week 3. Steve Smith is finally looking good after74 yd TD reception in response to a quick Ravens score in the 4th quarter to put the Panthers up 23-14. Next week the Panthers head to yet another AFC North playoff hopeful, the Cincinatti Bengals. It’s gonna be a good one.

Panthers are now on a roll with 4 wins straight and a 4-2 record

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After a quick visit to the Creative Zen Vision M firmware site, they have officially removed the v1.5 firmware for download.

The version 1.5 firmware may have been removed because of some users complaining it disabled their FM recorder functionality or because it broke subscription service downloads. Now the 1.41.01 firmware has been re-posted. Why creative would remove the FM recorder is questionable, probably due to pressure from the recording industry. Also, doing a quick search on Google News turned up this article:

When I upgraded my firmware to 1.5, I lost the ability to play
subscription files from Yahoo to Go! It’s not just me … posting are
now popping up on both the Creative boards and epizenter.net stating
the same thing with Napster and Rhapsody, too. Everyone is reporting
the identical problem: the player reports that DRM subscription files
need to be sync’ed to renew the license. And for many, including
myself, when you try to download some files to the player, you
frequently get an error stating that the license has problems.

This is happening with files already on the player, along with new files loaded to the player.

It would appear that this new upgrade breaks the licensing of subscription files! What a blunder for Creative.

I like my Zen Vision M… it really is awesome

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BTbeat is BACK!!!!

Thanks to funKie who posted on October 14th that btbeat.com is back!

Visit the site and donate what you can to help support the site.

Finally the world’s best torrent site is about to be back in the torrent arena. I have a lot of torrents I’m ready to share.

Thanks to all the fans of btbeat that posted on my “I hope btbeat isn’t gone forever” thread. Now let’s get out there and support btbeat!

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Green Tea Helps Weight Loss

The Uncommon Body is reporting that green tea can greatly help in the process of losing weight by increasing the body’s metabolism. Just drinking the tea regularly you can lose 8 extra pounds a year. Here is why,

  1. Green tea slows down the absorption of fats and regulates
    glucose. The same substance, cathechin polyphenol, restrains the
    transition of glucose into fats. By doing that, experts believe that
    green tea is an effective glucose regulator. It effectively prevents
    insulin spikes and slows the rise of blood sugar after every meal.
    Insulin, as specialists agreed upon, promotes the storage of fats as it
    deals with the body’s blood sugar.
  2. Green tea has the ability to
    reduce appetite. Because green teas have regulating effects on the
    blood sugar, people who drink it are observed to eat food as much as 60
    percent lesser than usual. This particular hypothesis was proven when
    green tea was injected into laboratory rats for experimentation.
    Researchers believe that it has the same effects on humans.
  3. Green
    tea is a good alternative to coffee. If you drink tea instead of coffee
    in the morning or throughout the day, your body gets fewer calories in
    the long run. The sugar and the cream included in your daily
    cappuccinos add inches and bulges to the waistline. But with green tea,
    instead of accumulating fats, you are actually reducing its build up.
  4. Green
    tea affects the bodily systems positively. A parallel research about
    green tea brings forward its overall effects in the body. The systems
    benefiting from it include cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory,
    nervous, urogenital, immune, lymphatic, and musculoskelatal systems.
    With this, green tea shows to have a very broad effect on the body.
    Only a few types of food can boast of this characteristic.

Perhaps that is why Coke is working a new energy/weight loss drink called “Enviga”. Coca Cola bottling is claiming that if you drink 3 servings of Enviga over the course of a day you will burn about 60 to 100 extra calories.

I prefer regular green tea… you can bet these things won’t be cheap, probably $4 each

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In the first ever meeting between the two schools Miami and Florida International, seperated by only about six miles… a new rivalry was created.

How do you create a rivalry you ask? You start a fight… a big fight…

Pay attention to the semi-mentally handicapped commentator that repeatedly states he wants to get in the brawl. Miami football is finding a new low every week.

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