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Today had a few unanswered questions I need to the answer to, I looked on Yahoo! Answers but apparently no one has asked them before,

If the Amish voted, would they vote on e-voting machines?
Question from Internal Affairs Committee with Sarah Brew, Matt Lawing, and Jay Atkinson

Would the US develop crowd control weapons based on microwave technology that produce non-lethal burns?
Question from Jordan Van Dyne

Will UNC Charlotte ever get football?
Question from Jason Feltis

Why does a professor think his class is 40 mins long when its actually 75 mins?

Follow up question,

How can this same professor not know the name of his TA and tell the teaching assistant, “Please tell them your name, I’ve forgotten”?
Questions from ECGR 3157

A friend of yours who is the same age as you travels at 0.999c to a star 15
light-years away. She spends 10 years on one of the star’s planets and returns at 0.999c. How
long has she been away, (a) as measured by you and (b) as measured by her?
Question due to Einstein from Dr. Gbur

If I wake up at 6:30am can I stay awake past 7pm?
We’ll find out that answer in about an hour..

Maybe I’ll just go to sleep and let the amish sort it all out

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It’s about time! We lost our starting PG, the #2 rebounder in the nation, and a few other seniors (5 total I believe) and we are still 60th in the nation? On the verge of an NCAA birth in the preseason? Wow… that’s some respect. I expected us to be much lower but I’ll take #60. However, the article makes great mention that even though we lost a lot, we might be in top postseason form come March.

You can quote me on this, Leemire Goldwire will be an NBA prospect for the 2007-2008 season

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