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Another day at the Student Government offices of UNC Charlotte… or so I thought. I walked into Vice President Jordan Van Dyne’s office and said hey and after a few tidbits of information were exchanged he said, “Have you seen the new Facebook?” and I said “No, what does it allow you to do, look at people in the shower now?” (alluding to the fact that facebook continually has the goal of allowing you to know what people are doing at all times)… and he replies, “Hah, you are close”. 

 He then proceeded to show me the new features which include the ability to know everything your friends do at all times whenever they make changes to their facebook profile, such as adding favorite tv shows and movies, or changes in relationship status. This new service also tracks when friends confirm,deny, or attend events, allowing you to basically know where your friends are at all times. All of this wonderful 1984ish functionality is granted thanks to the addition of new “mini-feeds” one such feed is pictured below,


 I can now stalk myself with facebook!

But the craziest part is that this minifeed exists for all your friends and is aggregated on your homepage. The homepage has now been overhauled and is much nicer. I’d post a pic of it on here, but I’d be comprimising the information of where my friends will be in a few hours.

Upcoming additions to facebook include the ability to track your friends heart rates and sucrose intake and the ability to see their grades on every test.

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I’m On Coverville

Thank you Mr. Brian Ibbot! You took my request and said my name on Coverville episode #236!

It was Van Morrison’s b-day and I requested Brown Eyed Girl as covered by Everclear. Awesome show, keep up the good work.

Coverville is the greatest music podcast

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