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Slip Sliding in the Rain

Thank you Ernesto, even though you have been downgraded to the level slighly ahead of a “Tropical Fart”, you dumped enough rain last night on my Charlotte, North Carolina home to allow me to wear dirty old clothes and fling my body on to a plastic slip-n-slide covered in liquid dish soap (soap provided for lubrication and lemon scent only). How did this come about?

As I walked away from the 1st SGA Senate Meeting of the year (which went excellently), the rain was pouring. Luckily I had my umbrella…. which was big enough for two. A man standing outside the library noticed this fact and introduced himself enough for us to share the umbrella until our paths parted.

I arrived in my apartment where Katie Lineberger IMed me as soon as I walked in. She told me I need to eat and get myself in some nasty clothes on to slip and slide. Naturally, I was slightly hesitant. First, put off by the fact that the Panthers and the Steelers were playing, secondly, I was wearing a tie and its hard to go from the most formal of all formalities to the muddiest of all muddiness. But as I ate my leftovers from Ciro’s (best italian restaraunt ever) I attended to the sudden ringing of my doorbell.

I found before me my friends (Katie included) covered in dirt and suds and immediately I knew what had to be done. I scarfed down my food, and threw on my old “18” Size Does Matter” Fuel (best pizza ever) pizza shirt and my old South Rowan High School gym shorts and hit the dirt.

Man it was fun.

Anthony wipes out, as we all did.

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After a long day of class and responsibility, I take some time out of my day to read a little more into Alex Robinson’s Tricked. Tricked is a story about a rock star and 6 people who’s lives intertwine more and more as the story counts down from chapter 49 to chapter 1. I think it was like chapter 30 or something, I’m reading and one of the characters looks up at the clock, she see 10:47. So I decide to look at my clock, its 10:47. Crazy…

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