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I don’t want to give away the suprise ending, but it might just drive you wild with laughter,


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This morning I decided for some odd reason to check for a new firmware release for the Zen Vision M… and there was a new release!

From the site,

Added Features or Enhancements:

  • Adds language support for Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Turkish.
  • Adds the Volume Restriction feature, which allows you to restrict your player’s maximum playback volume.
  • Adds the Highly Rated and Yet To Be Rated options to your player’s DJ.
  • Improves DRM-protected file transfer latency.
  • Provides the Zoom To Full option to crop a video and play back the video in full screen and while maintaining the aspect ratio.
  • Supports Creative ZEN Vision:M Docking Station and Creative PlayDock® Z500/Cambridge Soundworks® PlayDock ZEN.


  • Ensures proper video aspect ratio when playing back video files using the Video Out jack.
  • Improves the battery’s charging functionality.

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Weird Al – White and Nerdy (2006)

Thanks for the idea Bordy (his AIM s/n I dunno his real name)! I went to check out the latest Weird Al music video and I have to share it with everyone,

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Iraq and a Hard Place

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The Jew Hotline

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Jesus Camp

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WordPress continues to cement itself as the most awesome blogging site ever. Now they’ve added Odeo support. What does this mean for you?

Audio clips

and so the first odeo clip to ever make it on to my blog?

Wierd Al’s new single off of his new album, Straign Outta Lynwood… White n’ Dirty a parody of Chamillionaire


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