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So what if Superfreak got remixed by the Beatfreakz? Well first off, the video would involve zombies and madonna style nipple cones,

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Two of the greatest things ever, together for the first time, the Daily Show and Snakes on a Plane,

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I was talking with Jane and Marcus just a few days ago, wondering when Weird Al was going to come out with a new album. His last album, if I recall correctly, was 2003’s Poodle Hat. I’m excited for the parodies of Chamillionaire, Green Day, Usher, R. Kelly, and Taylor Hicks. Plus the first single, “Don’t Download this Song”

Listen to Don’t Download this Song

Straight Outta Lynwood will be released Sept. 26th

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Back in School

Life has been blazing by me recently. Classes, books, new things to get used to. I’m sure everything will settle down after these next two weeks.

I’m really glad to be back. One of the hardest and best things about UNC Charlotte is how every year the campus changes dramatically. This year? Totally different class schedule, shuttle system, new online student grades and schedule access. The list goes on and on. 23,000 students instead of the 19,000 when I was a freshman. I’m sure next year we’ll have 25,000…. yikes.

I’m glad to be back, time to make the most of the year.

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Everyone likes Web2.0 right? Well, I decided to redo my logo, and here is what I came up with from the Web2.0 logo generator.

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Dictionaraoke.org is hilarious, it takes karakoe tracks and then replaces all the original lyrics with talking dictionary voices.

Give some of these great hits a spin,

Take on Me by A-ha

Highway to Hell by AC/DC

Rock and Roll All Night by Kiss

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