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I Got a Haircut

Today I got a haircut, its a lot shorter and less shaggy. I don’t know if I like it yet or not. I’m sure I’ll get used to it,



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Nothing is more fun than watching millionares lose control,

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Surely you’ve heard of them. The electric cars. They could drive 100 miles between chargings. They could be plugged in and charged in your home and at work. Technology was developed recently that would have allowed that same electric car to travel 300 miles between chargings. No gas. No fuel cell. No trips to the gas station. No oil. No oil filters. Hardly any maintenece. This sounds like a dream car. But it really existed, for almost 10 years out in California.

No one on the east coast knew anything about it. People in California didn’t even hear about them. The owners of the EV1 from GM, the first mass produced, modern electric car, were passionate about their cars. So passionate, when GM took them away after leases were up, these owners sat in vigil for over 20 days, keeping watch over their cars in an abandoned lot.  The owners even offered 1.5 million dollars to by the cars from GM and the owners were ignored.
Why would a company create a product that people were passionate about and then take them away? That is the question that is the premise of the film. And “Who Killed the Electric Car?” succeeds in everything it tries to do. It presents the history of electric cars, the technology behind it, all of the people involved, and it presents all the suspects that could have killed the car and gives them their time to explain themselves.

Overall, it is a very effective movie that is one of the best documentaries of the year.

Mel Gibson looks like a goat in Who Killed the Electric Car

Good: Brings attention to an issue that no one knows about, well made and presented, entertaining
Bad: Mel Gibson looks like a goat
Be Aware Of: The Bias

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Finally, Creative’s ZENcast Organizer is out of beta! I’m downloading v1.02 right now.

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