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The Snakes on a Plane bandwagon continues rolling and I can’t help but wonder if there is a deeper thought behind the whole film. The more I thought about it, the more I’ve realized that this movie has been hyped up most effectively due to internet marketing. And perhaps, the whole Snakes on a Plane experience has been conjured merely to test how strongly the internet and word of mouth can market to the modern American society, and even more so, how a movie’s name can be it’s best marketing tool.

First, take the title. Snakes on a Plane is a joke in itself. The title has spawned a blog, numerous hilarious images (7,820 Google Images as of Today compared with 462 for “The Night Listener”), a song (Snakes on a Plane by Cobra Starship), and youtube videos (314 Youtube videos as of today) starring people like this guy…. yet more free marketing,

Even more so, this movie has made one of the most brilliantly marketed movies of all time. The recent Samuel L. Jackson phone message is ingenious. It is something I will call a double word-of-mouth effect. Not only is Samuel L. Jackson telling the person listening to the phone message that Snakes on a Plane is a great movie, the Caller ID and the message both reveal the name of the person sending the phone message. This leads the reciever of the call to imply that the sender is also reccomending this movie, when in actuality the sender may only be sending the call for the kitch value of it. And who can forget Mr. Jackson’s now infamous line, “There are ********* snakes on this ******** plane”

Next, consider the trailer,

Well considered.

Ok, so basically, here is a summary,

1) No one has seen Snakes on a Plane (and lived to tell about it), and a word of mouth advertising almost always takes place after someone has originally sampled/viewed/used the product
2) The movie studios are getting a tremendous amount of buzz and free marketing
3) New Line is not allowing ANY screenings before the movie is released (which might kill the buzz)

So how could this movie not be an experiment in crowd dynamics and marketing?

But here is the real question at hand, what if Snakes on a Plane is actually that good?

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Are you tired of the same school junk year after year? Do you find yourself thinking “Why can’t the academic aspect of my collegiate experience be more like Facebook?

Now, stu.dicio.us plans to make Web 2.0 a part of your academic lifestyle. You can use stu.dicio.us to list your schedule, your todo list and your notes. I’m going to give it a shot this upcoming school year. If you want to see how it goes, visit me at stu.dicio.us/jritch

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Now that you’ve had Samuel L Jackson and the Popularity Dialer call your friends, you can have Callthefuture.org call your friends as well!

You can use the site to dial a number at a specific time and have the Caller ID read whatever you want.

All I can say is that a few of my friends will be getting some calls from “The Government” really soon.

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Ant Problem

Jane has had a problem with ants in her house recently and I wanted to help her out. So I scoured the internet for help and my searching resulted in nothing useful. But thanks to Lifehacker, I have a quick and easy solution. I can use baby powder to kill the ants! Woo hoo!

 Argentine Ant

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