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The Walking Tractor

As I was folding some laundry this afternoon I heard a noise that sounded like I had received an instant message. As I checked the computer screen Marcus had sent me an IM that seemed to indicate it was a YouTube video of a Walking Tractor prototype from John Deere. I clicked the link and wondered what video I would be watching. Just then the video started playing… and I was speechless

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I remember sitting in class one day and thinking… “Why couldn’t class be more like a musical?”. In all honesty, us college kids do take our schooling a lot more serious than I believe our parents probably did and there is no better way to prove that fact than by watching this video


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The former Conference USA Rival of the Charlotte 49ers, Top 144 in 144 Days #98 Cincinati Bearcats, probably won’t have a very good season this year. At least according to Collegehoops.net. The reality of the situation is that Cinci has a new coach and lost everyone from last year (well everyone of note). Now all they have are a bunch of big time JUCO players that probably won’t be too bad… in non-conference play. The Bearcat’s biggest problem is that they play in the Big East. And when you have a load of unproven talent, a new coach in a new league (sure, Mick is a great coach but he’s previously been at Murray State), and Big East conference play, things won’t be pretty.  Good luck Cinci, we 49ers hated you when you played in CUSA but you were the feel good story of the year last year and we couldn’t help but root for you… except for when you beat us in the NIT.


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Not Everyone Likes Milk

Amazon.com has this new grocery store thing going and you’ve gotta wonder how milk is going to fare at an online store. Well, according to over 447 reviews of the Milk is only and thats just the beginning. Here are some of the best reviews,

“Unfortunately, after a terrible night’s sleep, I have concluded that this product is not suitable for use a a pillow.” – Andrew Rickert, Denver, CO

“Shipping this milk 500 miles away turned out to be a bad idea, despite the cost savings.

The packing was well done, but suprisingly UPS does not have
freezer trucks. Next time, I’ll ship Next Day Air versus “Super Saver
Shipping” – M DeHaan, Raleigh, NC

“The best authority on milk is the website milk dot com. It is higher in
fat content and also the process of milking a dolphin is a lot more
humane. For years I have been drinking dolphin milk. See for
yourself… As Amazon won’t let me link outside of this site, do a
google search for dolphin milk pooper, the first result is all the
evidence you need to know that this milk is nothing compared to the
best.” – Sam, Grants Pass, CA

“This milk was amazing. Upon my first sip, I felt a spiritual uplifting.
A new outlook on religion, life, everything. I began walking with
springs in my shoes; metaphorically, of course. It was a new life for
me. This milk had reincarnated the dead, old me, who once enjoyed life.
Now I know what it feels like to be a religious zombie.” – John Spuler, Amerika

“yea, i’m not kidding. be careful how much of this whole milk you take
in. i ordered 8 gallons of this stuff and it lasted me 2 and half days.
i gained just over 23 pounds in those few days. not recommended.” – RP Reynolds, Illinois

Mmm… tasty stuff…

Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz

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