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Perhaps you’ve wondered what Stephen Colbert is like in real life, or where he gets his information, or you’ve never seen the Colbert Report and you want to know what it is. This is a good place to find out. 60 Minutes has done an excellent job of detaling the cultural phenomena that is Stephen Colbert.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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We Feel Fine

A visual representation of the worlds emotions, We Feel Fine provides one of the most intriguing  treks into the  reality of humanity that I have ever seen on the web. We Feel Fine monitors the blogosphere and whenever a statement includes the words “I feel” then the  data mining techniques log the emotion  that was shared and then  adds it  to the database. That’s just a rundown of the basic functionality, but it really is beautiful.

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Sure, going to work is one of the important things that I do on a daily basis. But when I was at work today, Dave suggested that I check out his new favorite video blogger, Ronald Jenkees. Now I have found someone that has many more important things to do than go to work. Clearly Mr. Jenkees is a genius. He has combined everything important about life into his groundbreaking video blog. I’ve posted here two of his most important contributions to humanity and provided a link so you can see all of his masterpieces.

Good Morning Roomie:

The New Stereo:

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Hump Your Hummer

It’s not just for dogs anymore. Humping cars is the new in thing. How do I know that? Because www.ihumpedyourhummer.com has a whole page full of videos dedicated to people humping hummers in their local vicinities.


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It’s official! Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins has a sequel in the works! The sequel will be titled “The Dark Night”. Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the part of The Penguin and Christian Bale is returning to play Batman while Heath Ledger is set to play the Joker.  Ryan Phillippe is also on tap to play Harvey Dent, the DA that becomes the villain Two-Face in the Batman mythos. Christian Bale had this to say about the next movie,

“I want to see the Joker, because I think it will be a very different kind of Joker than people have seen before,” he said. “I think even the card that you see at the end of the movie shows that it is a darker, more sinister-looking Joker than anything I have seen depicted before. I think it would be a good adversary.”

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Disclaimer:  The website listed in this post is not intended to be used for circumvention of security and fees at music/sporting venues

With this ticket generator you can generate awesome tickets that are fully customizable. What can it be used for besides fraud? Um… cool signatures for message boards?


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