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Using the online Official Seal generator you can create all sorts of cool seals. Not the animal kind mind you… nor the one that is married to Heidi Klum… more like official state seals, like the one that might be on your drivers license.

Sure looks different from the animal huh?

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After a month of preparing to buy tickets for Sufjan Stevens’ September 21st concert in Chapel Hill, I was infuriated as the school put tickets on sale last week for Chapel Hill students. Allowing the general public to buy tickets, only after they had been sold out. Fortunately the tickets are still available on Ebay, but I can’t afford the $100/ea price point. So now, without a miracle, I’m not seeing the man with the music I love.

Thank you Chapel Hill. For crushing my dreams.

At least you suck at college football. May you lose by 50 to Wake Forest.

If you know of a way to get tickets, please let me know. Please, I’ll do anything that costs less than $50.

I won’t get to see this album preformed live thanks to the adminstration at Chapel Hill, yeah they suck.

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So yes, I saw Brokeback Mountain last Saturday night.

Already that statement has a world of images conjured in your head.

Gay people, ack! Did I hate the movie because I’m a homophobe!?!

Before I talk about the movie, I have to talk about talking about the movie. I can’t mention that I saw this movie to people without them immediately laughing or making a judgement. It’s insane! Have they seen the movie? No! How can they say anything about it? I don’t know. Everyone has a preconcieved image of how they think the movie will be in their heads and they don’t even take a chance to watch it.

So I will do a quick question and answer session will reveal my thoughts about the movie,

Q: Was the movie about gay cowboys humping?

A: No, this was not a gay porn movie. This was not even CLOSE to a gay porn movie. There were at least 2 scenes of boobs and no scences of male genitals.  Now I will say there was a gay sex scene that literally comes out of nowhere. It is very uncomfortable but um well, you’ll just have to see it.

Q: Do you hate gay people?

A: This question is suprisingly irrelevant to the movie. There were a few quick scenes of gay people making out and the one scene mentioned in the previous question, but most of all this is a story about fighting a society that will not allow you to be who you truly are, and the pain that comes with it. That principle can be applied to any characteristic that causes a clash with a societie’s values.

Q: Was the movie good?

A: I had a few problems with it, but it mostly worked for me, it was paced really slow but it worked in this case. The main problem I had involved the minimalistic dialogue which hampered the explorations of the feelings of everyone involved. Overall though, Brokeback Mountain really suprised me at how effectively it told its story. I would reccommend it only to people with open minds ready for a story about the inability to fit into society. Plus the cinematography was gorgeous! Best scenery for any movie basically in the last few years.

Don’t go into the movie expecting anything, and you might enjoy it
You may even smile with understanding…

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In the age old battle of Tea vs Water, Tea might have just made a knockout punch, recent study results indicate that tea is better for overall health than water. Tea does not dehydrate like you may have been told. Three or more cups of tea a day will help the onset of heart disease and cancer. Also, it can strengthen your bones and protect your teeth from decay.

Basically, water rehydrates you, but tea provides rehydration and antioxidants.

Now I don’t feel so bad about drinking multiple cups of tea every day.

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What turned out to be a frustrating night for the seemingly impotent Panthers offense, started with a terrible drive, a sub-par punt and a fair-catch fumble by the Dolphins which led to a 3-0 Panthers lead that remained for much of the 1st half. Even though the Panthers offense didn’t seem to be having too much fun, I did. I went to the game with my brother (who has gotten a recent haircut) and my dad. We sat at the 30 yard line in the upper deck section and the weather was great. Plus we were surrounded by Miami Dolphins fans that were willing to learn more about the Panthers from us, so that was a lot of fun. After the 3rd quarter, The Panthers were up 16-10 and the 1st team finally came off the field and so we decided to leave with about 8 mins left in the game. I went to sleep and that was my night.

The End.

The kickoff return by Deangelo Williams was amazing, John Fox agreed

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According to Digg, Stephen Colbert has won the 1st round of the internet based contest for naming a bridge in Hungary!


I’ll let Stephen tell you how to contribute,

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I’m looking over the tracklist to Ray LaMontagne’s new album, Till’ the Sun Turns Black, and I noticed that Track #10 is a cover of Savage Garden’s Truly Madly Deeply, and I think to myself, “It’s been so long since I’ve heard the original, I wonder what it sounds like.” Then I run down to my car, hop in and turn on the car and on the radio, Truly Madly Deeply starts playing, the original Savage Garden version, which I haven’t heard in forever, and when I turned on my car, the song started exactly from the beginning. Crazy…

Till the Sun Turns Black


Savage Garden

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So what if Superfreak got remixed by the Beatfreakz? Well first off, the video would involve zombies and madonna style nipple cones,

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