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I’m headed up to the Dan River in Virgina to do some kayaking. I can’t do any updates till Monday. Have a great weekend.

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I just finished reading Ghost World, the much acclaimed Graphic novel from Daneil Clowes that was made into a movie in 2001 (Yeah I’m behind the curve on this one). I’m an avid graphic novel reader that has been collecting and reading graphic novels for several years. I can honestly say that this is one of the top 10 graphic novels I’ve ever read. No story captures the reality that many 17-19 year olds face as they transition from high school into adulthood. Even if you are unable to identify with the two girls that are the focus of the story, you will definately recall people like this from high school. The people you always wondered, “What will they be like after we graduate?”. Specifically this story is about the change that all high school stereotypes must go through as they adjust to the real world, the “hot girl that dates the cute guy” must face deforming cancer, “the dork” goes on to a political career, etc…

As I read this I was incredibly suprised at how much this story showed me how much I had changed since high school and that was a profound moment. I would highly reccommend Ghost World to anyone.

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A lot of information has been shooting around about Net Neutrality… specifically the 3 T’s of any major political debate.

Trucks and

Now the Daily Show will explain Net Neutrality,

For further information, check out Cnet’s Tom Merritt and his podcast, The Real Deal Episode 11 – Net Neutrality

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It is always safer to send Adobe PDFs instead of Microsoft Word documents, but what if you don’t have an easy to use tool to convert your Microsoft Word files into PDFs?

That’s where the free PDFCreator comes in! It’s a free download and its easy to use.

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As the Top 144 in 144 Days rolls on, yet another local team has made the list, but most people in North Carolina might not be able to guess which other local team is way above Wake Forest,

High Point! The High Point Panthers!

Coming in @ #112


Also of Note, Hawaii came in @ #114, Charlotte is scheduled to play them this year.

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Originally from Lifehacker, this is a blog post on Tim’s Weblog on English Communication that details a very specific method to improve your speech and remove the filler words that so constantly plague the speech of many people. The article can be summed up in one phrase,

Record yourself teaching or giving a lecture, and study your own speech afterward

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