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It’s always good to keep track of the local teams and it was kind of embarrassing for the Charlotte 49ers that UNCW was considerably better than us last year. But this year things should be different, even with former Charlotte assistant coach Benny Moss as the new head coach in Wilmington. Collegehoops.net preview has UNCW preseason ranked @ #115 and 5th in the Colonial League. The best part is that they are still way higher than #143 Wake Forest


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He Just Can’t Resist

This video will start a long string of copycats that will try this in real life,

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Award: The Rock Album Most Like The Medieval Ages of the Last 37 Days

Victory for the Comic Muse

To be completely honest, I had never listened to the Divine Comedy before I listened to this CD, so I had no idea what to expect. I was really suprised at how unique their sound is.

It’s like a group of minstrels from a kingly court transported themselves into the modern day, learned everything they could about modern music, and then started combining all of that together. The songs tell fabulous stories but they are also catchy and I could imagine hearing “Diva Lady” on the radio. Most suprisingly, I’m pretty sure I heard a harpsichord on the album. What modern groups use a harpsichord? – The Divine Comedy does!

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Here is the quote of the day courtesy of one of the characters in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film, Lady in the Water,

“A man entered your home and killed your wife and family. That is when you became unhappy.”

Now that is what I call great dialogue.

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This post is for Jane, the outstanding girl that is always there for me to talk to (except for when her cell phone is turned off).

Remember the time that Jane was at the Charlotte 49ers vs Valparaiso basketball game and she participated in a promotion during a timeout. The promotion consisted of driving RC cars around the track and Jane’s RC Car broke so she pushed it around the track. The student section booed her. Go Jane!

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Jon Stewart put on an excellent piece during last nights daily show about the medias coverage of “The Crisis in the Middle East”.

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Sure, the only team in NFL history to have it’s home destroyed by a force of nature might be considered unlucky. But followers of the NFC South know that hurricanes aren’t the worst thing that have happened to the team.

About 2-3 seasons back The New Orleans Saints found themselves on the verge of a playoff berth. Their record was 8-7 and with a win they were in the playoffs.
Week 17 vs the Jaguars the Saints found themselves trailing by 7 points with a few seconds left.

Aaron Brooks and crew orchestrated this amazing play to….

well sometimes words can’t explain, you just have to watch

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