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Lifehacker has posted a list of some great productivity tools.

One major highlight, DIY Planner

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Award: Album with the Creepiest Song of the last 120 Days

Paradox Hotel

I’ve been listening to this album for several months and I keep coming back to it for the powerful lyrics, epic music, and unique concept. The album is about a hotel with a group of guests that represent different people from across the world and the music is about their stories. The Flower Kings have truly risen to the top of the progresive rock world. The tracks are powerful and resounding and the Flower Kings only fail to capture the power of their stories on a few of them such as, “The Unorthodox Dancing Lession”. One track that has consistently stood out for me is “Bavarian Skies” which is truly one of the creepiest recordings I’ve heard. The sampled German speech in the background and the altered voice are enough to give me chills every time.

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OH No! It’s hurricane season!

Tropical Depression Beryl has formed off the coast of my home state and has the precpitiation potential to to rain all up and down the East Coast just in time to ruin everyones weekend. Boo….. Hiss…

With winds at 40mph its not going to do much damage and fortunately the storm is headed away from the coast and is projected to stay on a track that will hopefully keep the rain away from the land, but it could always turn inward.

 Beryl Projected Path

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After listening to Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything podcast yesterday I thought about the alleged connection between a CIA secret operation to remove the “liberal bias” in the media by replacing actors with reality tv stars that work for free and John Ritter’s sudden death when he supposedly was about to reveal the operation.

I started to do some independant research to verify any of the claims made and the only thing I’ve come up with so far is that John Ritter’s family had filed a “wrongful death” suit because his cause of death was misdiagnosed. John Ritter actually died of Aortic Dissection which is a tear in the large artery that carries blood away from the heart.

Oddly enough, fitting with the claims of the coverup of “liberal values”, the above link to the story about the suit filed by Ritter’s family also reports,

In 1996,
Tony Award-winning Rent playwright Jonathan Larson died alone in
his apartment of an aortic dissection after being sent home from two
different New York City hospitals (one diagnosed him with the flu, the
other food poisoning).

Aortic Dissection can be caused by an extreme increase in blood pressure in a short period of time.

Once again I must state, I find it hard to believe any of the claim made by Benjamen Walker, but I’m still very interested in investigating further.

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Today’s weird coincidence is sponsored by Aretha Franklin.

Aretha Franklin on the cover of her 1967 album, I Never Loved a Man The Way I Love You

I’m listening to Radio Paradise on my computer and Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin comes on. But unfortunately its time to leave for work so I cut the music off, grab all my stuff and head out the door. I jump in my car and turn on my Creative Zen (it’s like an Ipod) and tell it to play a random CD and it goes to Aretha Franklin’s greatest hits and starts playing Chain of Fools.

Wow. Crazy stuff.

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Now that everyone has the Motorola RAZR, the unstoppable engine that is modern consumerism rolls is rolling forward and has produced the all new K1. The Motorola K1 is the follow up to the highly touted and easily breakable RAZR. The new camera will sport a 2 megapizel camera. Verizon will be the first carrier to have it in America.

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Now that I’ve found out that YouTube has Colbert Report segments online, I’ve decided to search for and find some of my all time favorites.

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