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I’m a follower of Web 2.0, and sometimes a fan (heck, I’m posting on my
blog right now) so when I heard about Dealspl.us,  a new site that combines the
principles of Digg with the principles of saving money I got mildly intrigued. Try it out so you can be lukewarm like myself.

How do you know its part of the Web 2.0 revolution?

It’s in beta.

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Award: The Best Album to Listen To While Studying For Class of the Week

Another Fine Day

I’m sitting here listening to “5-22-02 ” on the latest album from Golden Smog and I realize I’m having fun. Some music is about mourning or love, but this album is about fun with tracks like “Corvette” that really make you feel like you are crusing down the higways along the California coast line with the top down on your convertible.
Just because I’m saying the album is fun that dosen’t mean it is without substance. “Listen Joe” and “Long Time Ago” are heartfelt acoustic tracks that are full of heart. In their first album since 1998’s Weird Tales, Golden Smog has captured a charming and successful rock sound that makes for an outstanding album.

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Great episode of the Colbert Report last night and I highly reccomend Mr. Colbert’s clip show of Fox News broadcasters clearly stating that we have entered World War III. This clip is hilarious, but I can’t help but feel sorry for all the people that trust Fox News for their world view.

FEAR is truly an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real and nothing else demonstrates that the acronym holds true more than the people at Fox News. I can’t help but feel terrified when I watch the channel. About 30 seconds of Fox News really makes me want to support policies that would ultimately curtail my freedom and degenerate society. Yep, they know exactly what they are doing.

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On every podcast roundup I will highlight a few of the podcasts I’ve listened to and detail one that really stood out.

Today I listened to,
Buzz Out Loud
and most suprisingly,
Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything

On the Theory of Everything, Benjamen Walker details Operation Real World, an alleged CIA operation to replace all of hollywood with reality shows to remove the liberal bias in the media. Maybe it is true, maybe its not. I can’t find any other references to an Operation Real World so I can’t independantly support any of the claims.

The biggest accusation Mr. Walker makes is that John Ritter was about to expose this scheme and then died right before he planned on releasing his findings, implying that his death was actually a CIA hit. Crazy stuff, but a good listen. Take it with a grain of salt however.

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Crazy Cat Lady

This audio file is sure to be spreading around the internet soon, (and I might as well start propagating it myself).

A crazy lady talks to an alleged telemarketer. She calls the telemarketer an “Iraqi Insurgent”, “A terrorist”, a “Murder”, a “Racist”, etc… , she constantly refers to a list of people that have died due to telemarketers. The lady says that her friend that was gang raped finds telemarketers more offensive. Wow… The telemarketer eventually responds, “I hope this tape is played in court one day”. The lady also claims to have had a ruptured appendix due to telemarketing.

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One of my favorite CD’s out right now is the latest album from the Drive-By Truckers, A Blessing and a Curse.

A Blessing And A Curse
Rarely do you ever hear an album from a group of country boys hailing from Alabama that is introspective and tender while it combines country and rock influences. Some stand out tracks include “A World of Hurt” and “Easy on Yourself”. I really love it!

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