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The ACC is on the decline. There I said it.

Collegehoops.net has an intriguing presason roundup of a 144 team ranking of all the college hoops squads. Todays team, #121 Miami Hurricanes. NC State can’t be far ahead of Miami with only 7 scholarship players slated for next years Wolfpecker roster. I’m going to say NC State is #113. (Just as a total guess). And Maryland can’t be too far up there either. I’m going to guess #85.

Charlotte hasn’t shown up on the list yet either… but I don’t really care about this year. Even though the #2 player in the nation changed his commit to Kansas State instead of Charlotte, the #35 player decided to commit. So we’ll be better off in a year anyways. Bright future indeed.

Previous ACC teams:

#143 Wake Forest

Previous A10 teams:
#124 Temple Owls
#136 St. Joe’s Hawks
Well actually most are all worse than #144….

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Work To Do

I’ve got a lot of work assigned to me to do and I have a meeting @ noon with the guy I designed a control panel for. Fortunately I get off around 2 and get a 2 day weekend because Sunday I have to study for a test in statistics.

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Moving In

I’m the process of moving from http://jritch.livejournal.com/ to WordPress should be fun…

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