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Ah yes, the local interest continues.

Only 37 days into the CHN Top #144 2006-2007 College Basketball Preview and already 3 ACC teams have shown up, hot on the heels of #143 Wake Forest and #121 Miami is the #107 NC State Wolfpack. NC State is the 3rd ACC team to show up on the list and the 5th North Carolina team. (#112 High Point and #115 UNCW are the others). On my July 14th post I predicted the Wolfpack to be rated 113th as a wild guess and I wasn’t too far off.

As a Charlotte 49er fan, this could be a great season for us to gain respect in North Carolina, as the traditionally strong Wolfpack and Demon Deacons are going to be well below the level of competiton their fans are used to. Of course the much speculated upon, WEAK Charlotte 49er home schedule might keep fans away from home games, along with the sure-to-occur success by the Tarholes and Duke.

 But, some sure to be nationally televised games, @ Indiana, @ Missisippi State, @ Syracuse, @ Xavier, and @ George Washington should definately raise the national profile of the Niners regardless of local perspective.

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Southpark details exactly why you shouldn’t pirate music, in the only way that South Park can,

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I was incredibly suprised when I was listening to Buzz Out Loud this morning when I learned that there is an upcoming movie, scheduled to be released before Snakes on a Plane, actually named Snakes on a Train. The funniest part about “Snakes On a Train” is that Paul (roomate Paul, not boss Paul) jokingly said the sequel to Snakes on a Plane would be “Snakes on a Plane 2: Snakes on a Train”. Little did we both know at the time that Snakes On a Train was actually the prequel.

Here is the description from the official movie site:

“Under a powerful Mayan curse, snakes are hatched inside a young woman,
slowly devouring her from within. Her only chance for survival is a
powerful shaman who lives across the border. With only hours to live,
she jumps on a train headed for Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the
passengers aboard, they are now trapped, soon to be victims of these
flesh-eating vipers.”

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The joys and the excitement of a new season. Sure, we may be picked to go to the Big Game by no less than seven different magazines, and picked by three to win it all, but that doesn’t add any pressure, does it?

As I arrived there were almost 1200 people around me doing the same thing, coming to South Carolina to watch the Panthers. This is the third year in a row I have attended and there have never been as many people as this. Clearly the preseason hype has brought the masses out to Spartanburg’s Wofford College in order to see the second practice of the year.

The practice started with a few stretches and then plays began. The defense came up with two interceptions, one by 2nd year man Thomas Davis and another one by someone else (I couldn’t see his number).

The most eventful happening was when Keyshawn (#19) was pushed off the line by one of the guys struggling to make the squad on defense and the two really got into it, Keyshawn almost pushing the guy into the ground and the poor CB fighting his hardest to stay up. In all my years at Panthers Training camp I’ve never seen any sort of ant-team actions by any player, so this marked the first. K.J. brings a lot to the table physically, but he was ran out of Tampa for his attitude. I’m confident the coaching staff can keep him in line.

After practice was over, the players headed in and the fans rushed to meet them on the way to the locker room. This happens every year and we fans do it in order to get signatures on memorabilia. I have a ball that has collected the signatures of Jake Delhomme twice (twice as valuable!), John Fox, Jarrod Cooper (arrested for DUI and then later joined the Raiders), Brad Hoover, and Adam Seward. And perhaps it was the tremendous amount of fans or the heat, but all the players headed straight to the locker room without signing anything (except for Brad Hoover, he is the man!). This had not happened at any other training camp.

Disappointed and sweaty, I headed to the merchandise trailer and picked up a set of NFC South Mini-Helmets and also a beautiful teal shirt that says “Panthers Training Camp” on it. When we win the superbowl this year, I can definitely say I have the shirt where it all started.

Jake and Chris watch practice:

The Facility:

The Team:

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No TiVo in Raliegh

On the other side of North Carolina, Time Warner of Raliegh recently told a customer [via Engadget] that

“Time Warner Cable of Raliegh does not provide support for or allow TiVo devices on our cable network. “

Ouch! That policy can’t be legal! That is like telling people that they can’t own a DVD recorder or VCR! That’s crazy!


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CBS sports columnist Greg Doyel was always known for saying outlandish things during his stint covering college basketball. Now CBS has him writing about sports in general. He recently put up a great article about how the ACC’s plan for football expansion has worked, with BC, VT, and Miami doing decently the last few years. But he goes on to state that the aforementioned expansion has crushed the hopes of Virginia, Maryland, and NC State of ever becoming "football" schools. But at the end of the article Doyel says,

" N.C. State’s next coach? Possibly another coaching alum, a guy with only two years on his current contract and no sign of signing an extension. A guy who owns two homes in North Carolina, including a recently purchased $2.5 million house in North Raleigh Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher."

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